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To combat rising health care costs, companies across the country are looking to provide their employees with unique solutions. Employing a nursing team on staff is a creative alternative that offers a variety of benefits for both the employer and its employees. To better understand this option, let’s take a look at a practical example.

Rob has Hyperglycemia, meaning that high blood sugar levels are dangerous for him. He needs proper medicine and care to ensure his blood sugar levels are under control. Because of this, Rob was hospitalized 5 times in the past 2 months for reoccurring or similar claims.

This is where an in-house nursing team would be incredibly beneficial! The nurses on staff could assess the problem and provide practical solutions to prevent this continuous hospitalization.

In this case, Rob couldn’t afford the proper medication and care with the traditional health care plan provided by the company. The nursing team could notify the correct personnel to make appropriate changes in the plan that result in major savings for the employer sponsored plan.

With a large cut in costs, it is clear to see that having a nursing team on staff would be beneficial for those employees who frequently seek care for reoccurring claims. However, this solution is also worthwhile for all other employees seeking cost effective, medical alternatives as well.

Let’s say that your child is ill and needs admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). To avoid a large claim from the hospital the nursing staff reaches out to determine the root of the problem. They come up with a creative solution that avoids the large claim. Saving both employer and employee a significant amount of money.

Again, this is where offering a nursing team on staff would be valuable.

The nurses could research and explore other alternatives covered under the program. Allowing for your child to still receive the necessary care, while saving yourself and the company a significant amount of money.

In both cases, having a nursing team on staff is beneficial to significantly reducing costs for employers and employees. When looking for cost effective alternatives to offer your employees, consider the significant role a nursing team would add to your current health care coverage.