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Employees Want a Self-Funded Health Care Option

Dave Chase and Craig Lack recently co-wrote an article discussing the trends of the cable and newspaper industry and how similar trends are expected in the future of healthcare. Properly title, “If You Want to See the Future of Healthcare, Watch the Cable Industry and What Happened to Newspapers”, they wrote:

“The healthcare buyers of today and tomorrow don’t appreciate the tricks the healthcare industry has played to extract more money than is justified . . . Enrollment in prepaid fully insured health plans is dropping precipitously as employers learn about the advantages of self-funded pricing, taxes and cost of claims.”

Although the fully insured option provides a lot of health care services, most employees rarely use all the options available. Resulting in you paying for extra coverage and services that may never be used.

So why pay for more than you need? With self-funded health care you have access to all the options available if you want them. However, you don’t have to worry about paying for the extras you don’t use.

Read the full article, If You Want To See The Future of Healthcare, Watch The Cable Industry and What Happened To Newspapers, for a unique perspective on the future of the health care industry.