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Through increased cost sharing from high deductible health plans, patients are becoming responsible for more medical costs to facilities and providers.

The hospitals and medical facilities are using alternative methods in collecting patient responsibility. More hospitals are starting to require a payment from patients before they are even treated. This rate is expected to increase this year.

In a recent article featured on BenefitsPRO, Marlene Satter comments on the issue stating:

“Many hospitals are trying to collect before the bills are due, providing patients with care cost estimates before the fact and offering no-interest loans or perhaps discounts for prepayment.

The strategy isn’t foolproof, of course, with some patients deciding not to have whatever treatment is under discussion or at least to postpone it.”

Hospitals, just like other businesses, need to get paid for their work so they can continue to provide valuable services to the people of this great country. It is expected for patients to pay for treatment in a reasonable time. Over time, hospitals and medical facilities will continue to adapt to help enhance their cash flow.

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