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Wait a minute…

CVS Health is in retail healthcare, owns a Pharmacy Benefit Manager (Caremark), partnered with Anthem to be their backroom Pharmacy Benefit Manager for IngenioRx, and closing in on a deal to purchase Aetna. Think for yourself, but definitely seems like there might be a conflict of interest there.

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Pfizer versus Johnson & Johnson?

Pfizer versus Johnson & Johnson? In a recent turn of events, pharmaceutical company Pfizer filed a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson over anticompetitive pricing allegations. Long story short, Pfizer has a biosimilar that competes with a Johnson & Johnson...

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Taking Control of Pharmaceutical Spend

Former Pharma Reps’ New Mission: To School Docs On High Drug Costs (Full Article) In an industry that is continually berated this might be refreshing to hear. One insurer is battling the Big Pharma by educating doctors on what is cost efficient for medical use in...

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Self-Insured ERISA Health Plans Sued

Over 100 CIGNA Administered Self-insured ERISA Health Plans Sued for Embezzlement-Health Plan Litigation Tsunami This article highlights some major concerns in the Healthcare Industry. Let’s break it down. Alleged embezzlement by the major insurance company...

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Hospitals Adapt to Ensure Payment for Their Services

Through increased cost sharing from high deductible health plans, patients are becoming responsible for more medical costs to facilities and providers. The hospitals and medical facilities are using alternative methods in collecting patient responsibility. More...

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The Push for Consumerism in Health Care

There is a growing push for patients to take on the role of the consumer when seeking health care. However, the complexity of the health care industry naturally steers people away from taking greater control. A movement of greater transparency has given patients more...

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