ClaimDOC Plan specific Machine Readable Files are being created and finalized as rapidly as possible while industry-accepted standards are finalized and open access health plans using cost-containment strategies incorporating reference based pricing determine the best and most beneficial way to remain compliant while still bringing health care costs down.

Increasing patient knowledge and empowering patient choice are the cornerstones to the Transparency in Coverage and No Surprise Acts. To that end, while our consumer-facing tools are developed and our program’s unique MRFs are implemented, plan participants may contact a ClaimDOC Member Advocate at our general line (1-888-330-7295) or fill out an inquiry form to request claim-specific pricing. This information will be contained in the forthcoming MRFs.

Presenting the depth of data requested by TiC has created some industry-wide technological challenges and the uniqueness of the ClaimDOC direct agreements and ClaimDOC negotiated global agreements creates challenges which are novel to this budding field of compliance.

While ClaimDOC is aggregating, analyzing, and disseminating historical program claim data and any applicable contractual payor arrangements to create each unique ClaimDOC applicable MRF, the data found here will continue to be updated as information becomes available and as TiC rules are finalized. Following this period of implementation, the MRF files will be updated no less frequently than monthly and will accurately reflect the uniqueness of the ClaimDOC program.