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Provider and Facility Relations


Who is ClaimDOC?
  • ClaimDOC services self-funded health plans throughout the country implementing thoughtfully curated programs specific to the client needs and geographic locations to ensure fair pricing and better payment experience between the facility and member.
  • ClaimDOC prides itself on offering quality services that allow it to provide both top-notch customer service and a streamlined claims processing system to ensure a better overall claim experience.
Why Partner with ClaimDOC?
  • Direct Contracting Opportunities
  • Faster Payment – EDI Connectivity with Third Party Administrator (TPA) Partners
  • We understand the cash-flow issues that can arise for some providers and facilities and we work to provide creative funding opportunities to alleviate these situations
  • Member education on provider and facility partnerships


To discuss contracting opportunities with our contracting manager please email: providerrelations@claim-doc.com

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