Our Role In Your Care

Our focus is to help companies create an affordable healthcare alternative and actively guide their employees through the program. As a provider, you play a critical role in the effort.


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Healthcare Without Limits

ClaimDOC is not a network. We are an open-access plan that empowers members to choose where they want to go, and we want them to choose you.

Open-access means no out-of-network penalties or restrictions. No matter the source of care, all claims are processed and paid at an in-network basis, reducing the members’ financial responsibility.

One of the benefits of working with ClaimDOC is that you are not required to be contracted in order to care for patients and submit claims for reimbursement. Should your office policy require that a contract be established before submitting claims, our ClaimDOC Provider Relations team is ready to work with you. Because we are not a network, we don’t require credentialing.

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Supporting Your Efforts To Put Patients First

We understand that your priority is the patient, just as ours is the member. We make this as easy as possible to ensure you focus on what you do best: provide medical care.

We want to help you by removing administrative hurdles from your practice so you can put patient care first. We take a hands-on approach to ensure neither you nor the patient are focused on health insurance.

Providers we work with greatly appreciate our upfront and communicative style to not jeopardize the provider-patient relationship. They also appreciate that our members typically have richer benefits, reducing the patient responsibility collection efforts providers are burdened with in most traditional programs.

A large part of our service is reaching out to healthcare providers ahead of time to ensure you are fully educated on the reimbursement methodology and have the necessary information to submit claims to the plan administrator. We strive to make the process as simple and efficient as possible by eliminating unnecessary administrative steps that bog down the reimbursement process. As co-fiduciary, we assume responsibility of fairly managing any disputes via our efficient appeals process, which removes the member from the middle. Our member advocacy team is here to partner with you and help you understand your patients’ plans, so please contact us with any questions.

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Medical ID cards

Participants that are enrolled in a plan serviced by ClaimDOC will carry a Medical ID card with the ClaimDOC logo.

Getting Started

Our members are your patients. We want to give them the best experience. They are choosing you for their healthcare and we want to be partners to ensure that they are receiving care and that you are getting paid quickly.

To get started with exploring a relationship with ClaimDOC or to learn more about our program, please call us at 888.330.7295.

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