We Help Employer-Funded Health Insurance Plans Thrive

ClaimDOC was founded in 2013 to offer plan sponsors suffering from the rising costs of healthcare an effective and sustainable alternative. The cost savings component of the program was driven by the principles of reference based pricing (RBP), however, the solution was designed to be a fully comprehensive alternative to traditional carriers and networks. Elevating member experience was emphasized from the beginning, so it won’t ever get lost in our highly technical operation of auditing medical claims. Today, employers turn to us seeking to establish fair reimbursement rates for their plans allowing them to save money and provide richer benefits to their employees. Our perfect blend of licensed healthcare professionals coupled with sophisticated technology utilizes objective industry data to negotiate fair and ethical payments. That process allows us to benchmark costs nationally establishing fair reimbursement rates for clients across the country.

Our approach creates strong and sustainable health plans and satisfied employees. That technology paired with our team of member advocates and seasoned healthcare professionals ensure every client’s employees have great experiences. Health care providers are fairly reimbursed, and they enjoy working with a streamlined health insurance plan that isn’t an administrative burden.

We support brokers and HR professionals with communication and marketing materials with the understanding that an educated employee makes their lives easier. Employees are encouraged to create relationships with our Member Advocates and rely on them instead of burdening HR. We help our members understand their insurance and appreciate the full benefits of a self-funded health plan.

We’ve got a remarkable history of helping employers create rich and cost-effective plans for their members. If you’re considering alternatives for your healthcare plan, give us a call.