Mittera Achieves 92% Plan Acceptance

Mittera is a national print, marketing, and media company with locations in 20 states. They were growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of cost transparency in their traditional PPO plan. In need of a change, Mittera replaced their traditional PPO with ClaimDOC’s reference based pricing solution. They trusted us to deliver savings to keep more money in their employees’ checks and take care of their members navigating the new plan.

ClaimDOC’s unique design of our Member Advocate Team and the Pave the Way® program were key differentiators from other RBP vendors. Pave the Way® is our proactive provider outreach and education solution. Before the plan’s effective date, Member Advocates begin contacting providers, so they understand how the plan works to ensure the member will have a smooth experience. The Pave the Way® program ensures a smooth, stress-free transition to a new health plan.

Since joining ClaimDOC, Mittera has reduced their monthly cost per enrolled employee and their monthly cost per covered life. The financial performance has been terrific, and they have doubled in size primarily through a large acquisition.