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We help brokers win business. You can offer clients solutions beyond traditional carriers by opening up exciting alternatives. You’ll be in a better position than ever to gain the trust of organizations and capture their business. Get ahead of the curve, and add ClaimDOC to your tool belt. ClaimDOC offers brokers a creative, consultative solution to re-energize clients and win new business. 

ClaimDOC Vs Traditional Network Solutions

  • 30% Typical Cost Savings
  • Richer Benefits For Members

ClaimDOC Vs RBP Vendors

  • Dedicated Client Onboarding Team – Focused and holding your client’s hand during transition
  • Superior Member Advocacy – Dedicated employees driven to take care of plan members
  • Pave The Way® – Educating members’ providers to create the optimal outcome
  • Line-by-line Claim Auditing – Licensed healthcare professionals uncovering errors that basic repricing doesn’t catch
  • Litigation Defense – Bearing full cost and management of plan and member legal disputes
  • Dedicated Balance Bill Support Program – Relieves members obligation to engage in payment disputes with providers on ALL claims
  • Full Accountability – Always there for the plan in hard times

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Success Stories

Year 1 savings: $12.8M (35% decrease)

This client enjoyed some massive savings in their first year. During a year of solid company growth, where they increased headcount by 7%, we decreased their health insurance costs by 36%. Much to the delight of their private equity owners, EBITDA increased 22% that first year! Read More…