Download Our Network Replacement Guide 

It’s time to say goodbye to complex network contracts and arbitrary discounts from traditional networks. ClaimDOC’s network replacement solution reduces healthcare spend while providing richer benefits for your employees.

Using reference based pricing (RBP) principles, our clients typically save 30% within the first year of switching to ClaimDOC from a traditional network program. Our unique RBP model leverages superior member advocacy to build partnerships with members and providers while consistently maintaining a 360° view of risk as co-fiduciary.

Healthcare costs are a major expense for employers, and as costs continue to rise faster than inflation, employers are looking for a solution. There are successful alternatives available to help if you are willing to look at your health plan differently. Our Network Replacement Guide for Employers focuses on the strategy of removing a primary source of what is driving costs up: managed care. You’ll also learn how to:

  • Assess and leverage broker expertise
  • Evaluate partner fit and compatibility 
  • Enhance health plan communication 
  • Control healthcare spend in 2023 and beyond