Make Smarter Health Plan Choices With Reference Based Pricing

Say goodbye to complex network contracts and arbitrary discounts from traditional networks, and say hello to ClaimDOC’s network replacement solution that reduces healthcare spend while providing richer benefits for your employees. Our unique reference based pricing (RBP) model works by:

  • Leveraging superior member advocacy to build partnerships with members and providers
  • Maintaining a 360° view of risk as co-fiduciary
  • Using a consistent reference point to define RBP
  • Driving plan savings to the plan sponsor

Learn How This Client Achieved 92% Plan Acceptance 

This client was growing increasingly frustrated with their health plan’s lack of cost transparency, so they replaced their traditional PPO plan with ClaimDOC’s reference based pricing solution. As a result, they were able to reduce their monthly cost per enrolled employee and their monthly cost per covered life. You can learn more by downloading the free case study below!

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