Creating a Home to Grow

Iowa-based ClaimDOC is rapidly expanding reference-based pricing health insurance consultancy. To meet their growing business needs, ClaimDOC partnered with Shive-Hattery to provide design services for their new workplace environment. 

“What I wanted to create was a fun place to come to work,” said ClaimDOC CEO, Ben Krambeck. In order to attract and retain talent, the team crafted a beautiful, yet rustic-industrial creative space that embraces their values, culture, and company dynamic, 

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From Vandalized & Vacant to a Home for Future Growth

ClaimDOC selected a vacant former fitness center in the heart of West Des Moines as their future workplace home. The building had been unoccupied for over four years, but the location was right and the vision was there. 

“It takes a type of client to be able to see the vision in a vacated building like this was,” said Shive-Hattery registered interior designer, Siri Flieher. “Being able to partner with a client that has that vision, is willing to take on the risk of trying something new and trying something different was so rewarding.” 

The Shrive-Hattery design team worked with ClaimDOC leadership to identify their key project drivers and goals to attract and retain great employees; provide flexibility for future growth, and integrate its culture into the space. 

“Ben’s immediate vision wasn’t this grand and all the details you see now,” said Bruce Hansen, Executive Vice President of ClaimDOC. “It really had to do with the peak that presented itself on the building with a unique front and him wanting to turn that semi-circle front into a grain bin.”

Krambeck noted that they wanted to create a space with good energy and wanted to maintain some of the rustic, ag-industrial feel that their previous workspace had. 

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A Unique Facility Creates Space for Workplace Amenities

The existing building presented unique design opportunities like creating a visual connection between the breakroom and a multi-purpose pickleball/basketball court (formerly racquetball courts). The lower level had the existing infrastructure in place to create a fitness center with individual shower rooms in the lower level. 

The existing outdoor patio space was renovated and expanded to accommodate more employees and create more visual privacy. Employees are encouraged to take time away from their focus work and use these spaces to relieve stress and reset prior to returning to their workspaces. 

“Some of the positive impacts that we’ve experienced already since moving here is the local presence knowing that we’re here,” Krambeck said. “Our list of candidates to join us is long and getting longer. So, it’s really helped a lot in recruiting and retaining top talent in our area.” 

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Workplace Design that Connects to Company Roots

The reclaimed barn wood, weathered cor-ten, and authentic grain bin feature create an intriguing and welcoming first impression, enticing visitors and employees to learn more about ClaimDOC. Industrial, rustic elements are balanced with clean, modern lines, warm wood tones, and natural daylight to create an engaging and vibrant workplace environment to support employees’ workplace needs. 

ClaimDOC and their team members take pride in their new workplace environment that keeps them connected to their Iowa-founded roots, culture, and values. 

“Getting into this space is really the end of the beginning,” Krambeck added. “It gives us a home to grow from here.” 


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