Stick With DirectAccess+™

When it’s time to renew your medical plan, stick with DirectAccess+ to give your employees richer benefits at a lower cost, along with the member education and support they can rely on.

Rest assured this renewal season, knowing you will have access to resources that will show members the value of their medical plans.

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What Sets DirectAccess+ Apart

  • A Fresh Approach: Our one-of-a-kind RBP model builds partnerships with clients, members, and providers. 
  • 360° View Of Risk: We understand risk from all angles — member, employer, and stop-loss carrier. 
  • Serious About Service: Our extraordinary personnel work together to create a positive experience for your members. 
  • Financial Success: Members enjoy richer benefits and lower premiums while employers save.
Don’t give your employees a plan that will give them less. Stick with DirectAccess+ and stick with savings.

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